Whistleblowing Reports

Following the entry into force of Legislative Decree 24/2023 on whistleblowing, IVG Colbachini has set up a confidential channel for reporting any company misconduct and irregularities.

If you are aware of irregularities that could lead to violations and/or misconduct, it is advisable to file a whistleblowing report.

IVG Colbachini guarantees the confidentiality and anonymity of those who wish to make a report and the information provided, in accordance with the law.

You can submit a report through the Signalethic portal. The channel is not suitable for handling personal matters, issues related to employment contracts, relationships with colleagues, commercial complaints, or any other matters not related to violations of the Code of Ethics or Legislative Decree 24/2023. The reporting person must have a reasonable and well-founded belief that the reported violations are true and fall within the scope of the regulations.

Instructions for use:

- You can access the Signalethic application by clicking the button below.

- By registering your report on this portal, you will receive a unique identification code, which you will need to use to communicate with the Manager of IVG Colbachini's reports in an impersonal manner and to be constantly informed about the status of your submitted report.

- Remember to carefully keep the unique identification code of the report, as it cannot be recovered or duplicated in any way if lost