5 FAQs about Hot Gullfoss


A few months after the presentation of Hot Gullfoss: the industrial rubber hose made with renewable content, we decided to follow up on the most frequently asked questions. Not only regarding the Hot Gullfoss hose but also on future developments of the IVG Planet+ project.

Here are the most common FAQs:  

1. I am interested in adding a sustainable EPDM rubber hose to my range, but I would like it to be black: is it possible? Certainly. Our Hot Gullfoss is a hazelnut color, but it can be made with other colors, including black. 

2. The technical data sheet indicates that Hot Gullfoss resists a pressure of 10 bar with a safety factor of 3:1. Is it available with higher pressure ratings? Yes, we can expand the range by developing new products with structures that can work at higher operating pressures. 

3. I work in the construction sector, where there is an increasing demand for sustainable actions. Do you have specific projects underway for us too? IVG Colbachini's R&D is developing new products from the IVG Planet+ range for many different applications. We will be presenting new rubber hoses for this sector as well. 

4. Can I receive a sample of Hot Gullfoss to display it as a new product in my store? Of course, you can contact us at marketing@ivgspa.it or from your usual sale contact in IVG. 

5. Can we organize a video call to learn more about this project? Yes, we are always available to share  the advantages of new products and support you with all the necessary documentation to help introduce these products on the market. 

Plenty of new features to look forward to over the next few months: products inspired by the principles of sustainable design and built with new generation elastomers. Increase your competitive advantage with the IVG Planet+ line. Pay attention to green sensitivity and take a step with us in defense of the environment and people.

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