5 reasons to rely on Ankara/EN 694 A1


EN 694:2014 is the European standard for fire-fighting hoses in fixed installations that specify requirements and testing methods that are carried out on the IVG Colbachini hose Ankara/EN 694 A1. This hose is typically positioned on reels in buildings and civil constructions and can be used for many industrial installations, agricultural sheds, even in shopping centers.  

Produced with rubber compounds suitable to convey water and fire-fighting liquids, here are the 5 features that make it unique: 

1. Perfect for reels. No limits in the passage section of fluids.

2. It resists a working pressure of 12 bar in diameters 19 and 25 mm. 7 bar for the 33 mm diameter.

3 Very reliable. Designed for applications where hoses are not used for long intervals of time.

4. Cover resistant to atmospheric agents and abrasion

5. 100% traceable thanks to the embossed marking showing the production period. 

This hose can be produced up to 120 meters and supplied with fittings, which makes IVG Colbachini a reference partner in fire-fighting rubber hoses. A single partner who also deals with tests on the finished product. 

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