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The history of paper is deeply linked to that of culture and science. Cellulose is one of the most important natural organic substances in the world: it is the main constituent of higher plants. Poplars, firs, birches, eucalyptuses are cut - and then replaced - in Northern Europe, Canada and Russia to allow us to obtain it. The pulp is equally precious, which undergoes a series of industrial processes before it becomes paper. Bleached with solvents, mixed with glues, dyes and other chemical components, it arrives at the winding in coils through the passage in rotating cylinders that dry it, press it, smooth it. The processed pastes flow from the refiner to the mixer to the tanks through hoses that must guarantee the best resistance to mechanical action and chemical agents. High performance hoses for such precious pasta and its components.

Our Chem Papermill rubber hoses was designed specifically for this reason. Produced in Italy, they have a white plastomer tube that doesn’t alter the characteristics of the cellulose paste, while resisting aggression from chemical additives. The cover is made of blue synthetic rubber with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, low air and gas permeability, good physical properties and heat resistance. Designed for delivery only, the hoses work at 12 bar with a 4:1 safety factor. The stainless steel fittings swaged on at the ends are very specific. IVG offers a recovery service and new application of couplings of the customers.  

150 Plants, 19,300 Workers, 9 Million Tons of paper and cardboard produced each year. These are the numbers of the Italian paper industry.

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