Dredging operations require flexibility: Thracia/LO is the solution with rubber reinforced flanges


Thracia/LO is an IVG Colbachini dredging hose with rubber reinforced flanges. The ideal solution that guarantees the best flexibility on the overall length. Mainly used as flexible joint on dredgers and dredging plants for suction and delivery of sand, gravel, debris and abrasive mixes mixed with water. Thracia/LO has a corrugated cover and is embedded with a spiral. 

Let's look together at its strengths: 

High flexibility even in short sizes and with big DN

Resistance to traction and physical stress

Maintaining the section even in the depression phase

• Rubber tube resistant to abrasion 

Available in a wide range of diameters, from 250 to 600 mm, in continuous lengths up to 12 meters.

Would you like to know more? Request the full technical data sheet now. 


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