Get to know the Thracia hose


We presented our dredging hoses at Europort 2019 a month ago. A generous range, with structures and ends designed to satisfy all water digging applications.

Rubber hoses are often used as a flexible connection between rigid steel or polyethylene pipes: just like our Dredge Thracia. Do you want to discover more about this IVG Colbachini hose?  


It is the flexible connection in the discharge pipes to the shore: it conveys sand, gravel, debris and abrasive mixes, mixed with water. It is also possible to find it installed in the on board systems of dredges.  


It is softwall, with an inner tube that is very resistant to abrasion and tearing. The reinforcements guarantee to maintain both the section and the flexibility. Made often in short service lengths, about 1.5 meters, it is available with a diameter from 300 to 600 mm.  


The reinforced rubber flanges allow maximum flexibility and resistance to traction loads caused by wave motion. Flanges usually meets the EN 1092-1 standard, in particular PN 10.  


We are able to produce flanges according to usage specification. We also customize brandings, diameters and lengths (up to 12 meters maximum).

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