Hot Gullfoss: the new IVG Planet+


The materials that make up the new hose of the IVG Planet+ line, in addition to ensuring the high technical performance typical of IVG Colbachini products, have the advantage of further reducing the environmental impact.

Hot Gullfoss is a multiservice hose that finds application in many industrial processes, in purification systems or in the disposal of waste water. It can convey air and water even at high temperatures, slightly acidic or basic fluids, water mixed with various additives, and much more. The EPDM elastomer with which it is built, and the reinforcement textiles come to life from renewable sources, in order to reduce the dependence on fossil sources in the production process.

This is why Hot Gullfoss is the ideal hose to represent the IVG Planet+ line which is fully integrated with the complete range and with the IVG Colbachini philosophy.

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